Stop Copying Me! Plagiarism, Scraping & Other Unwanted Forms of Flattery

Yes, in this week’s Blogging Angels podcast I actually admit to cheating in High School by handing in my boyfriend’s report on Crime and Punishment the year after he had handed in the very same paper.  In my defense I had read the book in 9th grade and so in a little sociology experiment decided to see if my teacher truly did favor the boys over the girls by handing in the paper that had earned my boyfriend a 100%.   I got a 94%.  I proved my hypothesis!  And felt justified as only a jaded teenager can.  (but I’ll be writing more about my lame high school later this week …)    Why did this come up in this week’s podcast?  Because we are dishing the dirt on plagiarism on the web, blog stealing and other forms of copying that plague bloggers in this vast virtual world.  How can you protect yourself?  What is the value of online writing?  And is Dr. Roehmer still allowed to teach AP English?  OK, that last one is really just my mind bending question.

Tune in to get the answers on the Blogging Angels or listen up on itunes.  Plus check out who got golden halos this week and the other links that can help keep your work safe.

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