Emily Post is Rolling in Her Grave – The Low Down on Twitter Etiquette

This week The Blogging Angels are back and we’re tackling the ins and outs of Twitter and social media etiquette.  What do you do about nasty (or sociopathic) commenters?  Do you have to thank everyone who retweets you?  Or Follow Friday reciprocate all the time?   What do you do with twitter bullies?  And is the 140 character restriction a recipe for blunt, tactless repartee? All of these topics and much more are hashed out this week.   Even if you’ve never been on Twitter join us this week as we try to figure out how etiquette is evolving in a social media world.

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2 replies on “Emily Post is Rolling in Her Grave – The Low Down on Twitter Etiquette”

  1. Oof! Those sound like nightmare problems on Twitter. Thankfully, I haven’t experienced that, though you never know. I wish the simple rules were remembered – be kind, show appreciation, would you want someone to tweet that to you? I’ve just stumbled on your blog via the Nate Day events and am intrigued by your podcasts. Will have to listen in.

  2. I think there is etiquette for everything, twitter included. Manners matter. However, like any thank you or response if it’s only a matter of protocol, done without feeling sometimes better to save it. If someone comments on my blog or show support on twitter I try to thank or engage them. I have to remember to upload these podcasts, the topics sound fantastic.

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