Back To School Resolutions (And a Snapfish Giveaway to Help)

Yes a good portion of the country is already back at school but here in NYC we still have a week to go – and then we have only one day before we’re off for two days because of the Jewish holiday Rosh Hashanah – The Jewish New Year.  (Yes that’s right, here in NYC the public schools close for the Jewish holidays because there are so many Jewish teachers and students, it’s not just an urban legend)  Since we’re not religious I never really think of Rosh Hashanah as my “new” year but since it coincides so nicely with the first day of school it seemed the perfect opportunity to make some New School Year resolutions.  After all, for most parents the only calendar that truly matters is the school calendar.  So here are my resolutions as a PTA co-President and parent.

  1. Keep my eye on the big picture.  Every year my daughters and I are frustrated by the slow start to the year when it seems like everything is just a replay of the year before.  But, soon enough things get rolling so I’ve learned it’s better to give the teachers time to get their curriculum underway before passing judgement on the class.
  2. Rise Above the Fray. A lot happens during the course of a school year but it’s easy to get dragged into the day to day dramas and small upsets that occur in a 3rd grade girl’s and PTA parent’s life.  Better to keep the goals of the year in mind and know that most of the time perspective, and a deep breath, are all that’s needed.
  3. Keep School Life Separate. I have a hard time leaving the school day behind because I am so involved at my daughters’ school.  But I’ve realized that there is only so much I can or should do as a volunteer and that my other work (this blog for instance) needs to stay a priority throughout the year not just on school holidays.  So, I plan on doing my best for the school but not letting it dominate my thoughts, goals and time.  (I’ll let you know how that goes in about 2 months…)
  4. Delegate.  I am not talking about my PTA duties here.  I’ve got an awesome team of volunteer parents for that.  No, I need to give more responsibilities to my girls this year.  They should be making their own lunches the night before, packing their lunch in the morning and keeping their work organized at home.
  5. Get and Stay Organized. Since I’m on the subject of organization I have to say that every year I start out the school year with the best of intentions – folders ready, pencils sharpened, etc.  The thing is a month into the school year I’ve got piles of art work, homework sheets and newsletters piled all over my living room and kitchen.   So, one of my major resolutions is to scan their art work and create a end of year art book on….Snapfish.

Which leads to my fabulous giveaway.  A $50 Snapfish Credit to spend on any of their products from prints to photobooks.  I love creating photobooks.  They are one of my favorite gifts for teachers at the end of the year, for grandparents always and last year I created one from our trip to Italy combining all of my blog posts as well as our photos.

If you would like to win a $50 Snapfish Credit simply leave a comment letting me know your new school year resolution (or your child’s!)  I will choose a winner at random on September 13th.  Good luck and have a great school year!

This contest is now closed.  The winner was Melanie.  Congrats Melanie!!

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  1. My first day back as a mom and teacher is tomorrow. My resolution will be to take one day at a time and not overbook myself. With two playing soccer and a baby in tow, I will take a moment to breathe:)

  2. I have never thought of it this way but I too make start of the school year resolutions. I would have to say organizing really stands out for me. Maybe we should have an organizing pow wow a few months from now to see how that artwork is doing. And on another note, you make me feel better when you share your lack of religiousness.

  3. Shockingly, I share Resolution #3 with you. Keep things in perspective. Keep an eye on my goals. Stay focused on my new projects — not just my kids.
    Oh, and try to stay out of school politics as much as possible. SO over it.

  4. My resolution is to continue to stay involved with our school=)
    It’s very helpful for my children to know that I’m “there” for them even when I’m not right by their side!

  5. To tame, and save, some artwork, we got 2 medium-sized portfolio’s for each child, and I make executive decisions about what to save….I’m sure as they get older they will want to weigh in. Before I dump “bigger projects” (read = 3D) I take a photo. Hadn’t thought of scanning….great idea! thanks!

  6. My back-to-school resolution is to stay out of the girl-friendship shenanigans, and (attempt) to let my daughter problem-solve any of those situations! Let’s see if I can do it!

    Shana Tova!

  7. simplify, simplify, simplify. i am going to take advantage of the time i have with the kids gone to clean out their toys and hopefully whittle down our possessions to a more manageable mountain…

  8. My back to school resolution is to tame the swell of paper and art that comes into the house and usually forms a giant pile in the corner of my kitchen! I love the photo book idea, and I also came across an idea to have a clipboard for each child that you hang up in a prominent place and then all the newsletters and permission slips go there…here’s to no clutter!

  9. My daughter just started kindergarten, so our plans this weekend are to officially retire/take down her “art wall” from pre-school, and then replace it over the weeks (months) ahead with all of her kindergarten art. So your suggestion to scan some of the highlight pre-school art pieces is a good one. I still have stacks of art that never got put up, yet I still never had the heart to throw it away. (Now I just need to figure out how exactly to scan…though I can always take a photo, I suppose, with my digital camera and hang on to some of the art pieces that way)

    …Loving commenter Amy’s suggestion to take a photo of my daughter actually holding her art, so I can track her growth/development and her art development at the same time!

    My new year/new school resolution: get (and stay) better organized…and in better health.

    (FYI: In addition to back-to-school, September is also Gynecologic Cancer Prevention Month. I’ve read up via a great toolkit from the National Education Association Health Info Network: &

  10. I love the idea of scanning artwork and creating a photobook from it. I *might* even feel less guilty trashing the majority of the lovelies that come home from preschool that way. My friend who’s a beautiful photographer actually takes a picture of her son holding his favorite art from that week so she can track his physical growth right along with his developmental growth. Last year I said I’d do this…didn’t happen. Thanks for the reminder to give myself a new-school-year resolution!

  11. I’ve never put it that way before, but I am more inclined to make resolutions at the start of the school year than in Jan.
    My resolution was a lot like one of yours; find a little more patience and perspective.

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