How Does a Blogger Get Compensated? Let Us Count the Ways…

It’s the Blogging Angels second podcast and we’re talking about the one thing that gets bloggers all worked up – what qualifies as getting paid?  Do you work for stuff?  What do you owe a company that gives you product unsolicited?  Can you write an unbiased review when the product was given to you for free and is yours to keep?  If you’re “guest posting” for free on someone else’s site are you a sucker or are you building your brand?

Listen in to where the four of us fall in this debate and join in the conversation on our blog.  We’re also asking listeners for their sign off suggestions!  We need a way to sign off that will be as memorable as Walter Cronkite’s “And that’s the way it is” but with a dash of Charo’s “cuchi, cuchi.” (seriously, watch that Charo clip!)  Shouldn’t be too hard for all of you witty and funny readers and listeners out there!

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