My Top 5 NYC Movies for Blog Her ’10 and Beyond…

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Even if you’ve never been to NYC chances are you feel like you have just from watching Sex and the City, or Law and Order or Seinfeld (with its fake NYC sets it still passes).  But I thought I’d put together a list of my favorite New York movies that will put you in a positive New York mood (no Taxi Driver and no Woody Allen – because you know that already) while you’re on the plane, or bus, or even relaxing in the hotel in between all the BlogHer madness.

My Top Five, Slightly Cheesy, but I Don’t Care, NYC Movies

  1. Breakfast at Tiffany’s – I know, I know, how cliche – but there it is.  A perfect New York movie with style, whimsy, sparkle and Audrey.  Plus no other movie captures what it’s like to be out in the eerie quiet of the early morning in Manhattan like Audrey eating a pastry in front of Tiffany’s.
  2. When Harry Met Sally – OK, so one minute they’re eating at Cafe Luxembourg and the next minute they’re walking the streets of SoHo, but other than that this is a real New York, Upper West Side story.  And no one can get a cab on New Year’s Eve – that’s true.
  3. Moonstruck – It’s Brooklyn – real Italian Brooklyn.  And it’s the Metropolitan Opera.  And it’s a perfect movie.  It captures the angst, the unexpected joy and startling beauty, the humor and the rough edges of New York.
  4. Fame – the ORIGINAL for God’s Sake.  Old Times Square.  What it feels like to be truly young, hungry and talented in New York City before facebook, youtube and Disney.
  5. Working Girl – The iconic ride on the Staten Island Ferry is enough to make this a top 5 NYC movie in my book.  But nothing says NYC like the underdog who makes it big on pluck, determination and street smarts.  And kick ass lingerie.  Really.  Plus – that 80’s hair and eye make up – come on!

If you’ve got kids in tow you could also check out – Stuart Little, The Muppets Take Manhattan, Ghostbusters, Big and Splash for some child friendly NYC films.

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7 replies on “My Top 5 NYC Movies for Blog Her ’10 and Beyond…”

    1. top 5 Paris movies? Wow. Here it goes:
      American in Paris (of course)
      Casablanca (those flashbacks count!)
      Moulin Rouge
      Jules et Jim
      Sabrina (the original with Audrey of course)
      and Ninotchka if I’m allowed a 6th!

      For kids:
      The Red Balloon
      The Aristocats

  1. Great list! I love love love When Harry Met Sally.

    I would add Serendipity to the list. Can’t go wrong with John Cusack. So great to hang with you at the Plaza, and so bummed to not coordinate with you for Martha!

  2. Great list! LOVE Working Girl, and the others too…no Wall Street? 😉

    I took Li’l Boo to Central Park specifically because of Stuart Little when we first came to NYC.

  3. Love them all. My list of favorite NYC movies also includes:

    “Crossing Delancey”
    “The Apartment”
    “Sweet Smell of Success”
    “Barefoot in the Park”

    1. I love those films too! I almost put Tootsie instead of Working Girl, but I love that skyline shot in Working Girl, it just sums up that feeling of striving and awe that is so NYC. Woody Allen of course, but Manhattan creeps me out. If I could just watch the cinematography and forget the storyline I would be happy. I think I’d take Hannah and Her Sisters instead – or Annie Hall of course, but I’ve almost seen that too many times.
      I also wanted to put Do the Right Thing because it’s so 80’s New York and so Brooklyn and there’s not a more vibrant NYC movie ever, but chose the more romantic, starry eyed version of NYC.

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