Yahoo! Motherboard Summit – Power to the Moms!

I just got back from Palo Alto and a whirlwind two days spent at the outrageously gorgeous Four Seasons Palo Alto and the Yahoo! Sunnyvale Campus for the Yahoo! Motherboard Summit.  For the past few months I have been a part of the Yahoo! Motherboard, a group of mombloggers who blog monthly about a specific topic and whose collective voices are gathered together by Yahoo!  They brought us together in real life for the first time so we could brainstorm, give feedback, get a peek behind the purple curtain at what those creative Yahooligans are coming up with next, and drink lots of mojitos.  It certainly felt like mojitos were in the master plan.  And cupcakes (more about those later!)

Sibby cupcakes for Y! motherboard
sibby cupcakes!

After a full day of panels, breakout sessions, schmoozing and eating here are my

Top Ten things I Learned at the Yahoo! Motherboard Summit:

  1. Yahoo! Takes Women Seriously. Yes they wanted to hear from us the mom-blogging community, but they also have an incredible amount of savvy, funny, smart women leading and managing their company.  From the dynamic CMO Elisa Steele who told us that all moms are “C” level executives to the great women of Flickr, Yahoo! Shine, Yahoo! Green and For Good and the Motherboard leaders themselves.  Even the men who presented felt compelled to show their parenting cred before speaking.  Well done.
  2. Parenting Doesn’t Stop at the Laptop Screen. Internet Safety is real-life safety.  Integrate lessons about character, responsibility, self-respect and right from wrong into everyday life and make sure that what is acceptable off-line is the same as what’s acceptable online.  It’s sad that kids can no longer make stupid mistakes, but that is our new reality.  Get with it.
  3. This Post is Already Too Long.  According to the “Yahoo! Style Guide”  300 words is all the average person will read.  I’m just going to say that my readers are smarter than average so I know you’ll stick with me.
  4. I Need to Use Flickr. It’s true I don’t use it now.  The whole public aspect of it freaked me out.  But I’m liking all of the various new privacy settings, photo groups and ease of tagging.  They gave us a Pro Account so I’ll be writing on it as I use it.
  5. Yahoo Employees Turn Purple When Embarrassed. During Cody Simms’ Social Platform presentation he clicked over to show his Yahoo Mail on the screen and his inbox was awash in twitter notifications that mom after mom were now following him.  You want social?  We’ll give you social.  He never quite recovered.
  6. Advertising Is Up For Grabs It’s not just about eyeballs anymore.  It’s about reach.  It’s about quality and novelty, but more importantly I think it’s about customization.  God knows users are giving away more information about themselves than ever before so when will the agencies figure out how to give them exactly what they want where and when they want it?
  7. The Power for Good is a Click Away.  Both Yahoo! Green and Yahoo! for Good provide clear resources and ideas for taking action and making a difference.  But, I never knew about them before this trip.  Have you?  I am looking forward to seeing how they better call people to action through social media.
  8. The Internet is a Toddler. Maybe this is why moms are in there trying to use it, tame it and shape it.  Watching a company try to figure out the next iteration of the internet, the future of social media and how this is all going to shake out is both inspiring and humbling.  No one knows what lies ahead but everyone is trying to get there first or at least stake a claim.  Mom Bloggers are certainly part of that pioneering group.
  9. New York Must Cede its Cupcake Crown. Move over Crumbs. Bye-bye Magnolia.  The Sibby Cupcakes from San Mateo California were moist, not too sweet, beautiful, whimsical and tasted divine.  And according to herbadmother if you eat just the tops you can eat more of them.  Yes, these truly were a highlight.
  10. Mom Bloggers are Fierce, Friendly and Funny.  Well I’ve always known this, but those two days cemented my opinion of my fellow bloggers.  Insightful, witty and slightly twisted in their views of the world.  These aren’t just moms, these are power social media users – when they talk, suggest or comment brands should listen.  Yahoo! did.
@c2cmom and @beccasara (me) taming the Yahoo! bull

Want a blow by blow of the summit? Check out kimberly coleman’s (mominthecity) great live blogging notes and images.

And mom bloggers are crafty in more ways than one – check out Thien Kim Lam’s fab crafty PJ party post-cocktails!

all photos courtesy of Amy Mueller

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17 replies on “Yahoo! Motherboard Summit – Power to the Moms!”

  1. I now feel like I really need to watch my language when I tweet! 😉 Just kidding. It was great getting to participate in the summit. I had a lot of fun!

    Cody Simms

  2. WOW! What a great re-cap. So glad our Mother Board had a great time and learned a lot from the Summit. Total win-win. Yahoo! is so proud of this group!

  3. Your list is a great recap of the trip!! It’d be wonderful to better harness the power of social media for good – I’m looking forward to what’s to come on that front. . .lots going on at Yahoo!

    What a truly inspiring and exciting group of women at the summit – I wish we’d had more time as I feel I barely scratched the surface of meeting and fully engaging with everyone!

  4. Such a great top 10 list. I really appreciated your energy, honest feedback and insightful comments throughout the day. I look forward to working with you to improve the Yahoo! products and programs you’re so passionate about!

  5. LOVE that Cody turned purple. Hadn’t heard that story, but I’m sure my twitter alert was one of the 60-something in there.

    It was so wonderful to meet you. I love your sincere humor. And I already told Big that we’re coming to get a kids’-eye-view of NYC this summer from the girls. Have a wonderfully, quiet week!

  6. Thanks for this great recap. Especially loved #8 (and ofcourse #10). Oh yeah, and #5, because watching Cody turn various shades was pretty much the highlight of my day.

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