My Kingdom For a Washer & Dryer…

The Object of My Obsession

Over at my monthly column in the Westside Independent today I’m writing about my washer/dryer envy.  I love doing my own laundry.  It’s one of those things that I truly don’t want anyone to do for me.  I know how I like to do it, I have my favorite detergent, I have things I like to hang, or dry on low or dry on high.  I like to pretreat and separate the clothes into all sort of loads.  If I could I would hire someone twice a week to clean my apartment from top to bottom, but I really don’t like anyone else doing my laundry.

However, what I do hate is my building laundry room and the fact that I am not allowed to have a washer and dryer in my apartment.  My apartment that I OWN.  This is the both the downside of living in a Pre-War building and being at the mercy of a co-op board.  It doesn’t matter that I have the stats to prove that the new high-efficiency washing machines use less water than the permitted dishwasher.  Nope.  Washing machines are the big taboo appliance, the bogeyman of cooperative living that makes everyone think of big sudsy flooding and bursting pipes.  So, I’ll continue to gawk and stare with lust in my heart for the Whirlpools and LGs of the world the way middle-aged men ogle Ferraris.

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3 replies on “My Kingdom For a Washer & Dryer…”

  1. Ah…I am so right there with you. Love doing laundry, love finding new miracle products and pre-soaking. I’m sure that’s why I did cloth diapers for the first year.

    When we moved into the house Seamus went in the truck and I followed in the car. Armed with a month’s worth of secret research (and the dimensions of the back doorway), I pit-stopped at an appliance store, bought the set and had arranged for delivery later that day – all before I set foot in the house as a homeowner.

  2. That brought back memories! When I lived in NYC (UWS), the family a couple floors up from us had a toddler and baby same age as mine, so we were always hanging out in each others’ apartments. One day I realized that her front closet had an illegal washer-dryer in it! It was small – one load for her washer would be maybe a third of a load in the basement laundry room, but still. I was filled with envy!

    Flash forward several years and now we live in the ‘burbs. We have an entire room set aside for laundry and laundry-related activities, but no one’s envious. 🙂

  3. I have always loved doing laundry! For years I have been doing laundry the day before the housekeeper arrived; I totally identify with this…

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