My Daughters’ Review of Sandlot Sluggers for the Wii

So, I’m not a big “reviewer” per se.  Opinions?  Sure I’ve got a ton of them, but I’m not a sit down and review a product kind of girl.  But sometimes a fellow fabulous momblogger and PR maven extraordinaire like Beth Feldman will invite me to an event with my kids like this one for Atari’s Sandlot Sluggers and it is too good to pass up.  One: because it sounds like a ton of fun, and Two:  because Beth asked me to, and I trust and like Beth, a lot.

So, my daughters and I trekked down to Midtown afterschool one day to the Atari offices for some good ol’ baseball, Wii style.  The event was fun, hot dog cart, Cracker Jacks, popcorn, screens and playstations set up all over.  And pinatas, can’t forget the pinatas, though I wish people would.  Anyway, even though my daughters bitched and complained the whole way there they had a blast and unbelievably enough for two mathletes, they really enjoyed the game.  Read on for the review…

Here’s what they have to say about it in their own words:

Sophia: It’s a fun game.  I liked the power-ups and that you don’t swing the Wii remote all around room.  And I like that you have to be standing to play, not just sitting on a couch.  It has different cool places where you can play baseball and you can choose your characters.  There’s not enough girl characters so maybe they think it’s more for boys.

Isabel: I liked the power-ups too, like fire bat and booger ball.  I liked that there was a dog in Pablo’s sandlot.  I would definitely play it again.  It had good music, but I agree it needs more girl characters.

So, that’s the word from two 8 year old Wii experts.  They were glued to the game the entire time we were there and even admitted at the end that they were happy we went and won’t whine or complain the next time I drag them to a blogger event that’s for kids!

We received a free copy of Atari Sandlot Sluggers for the Wii at the event but trust me, nothing influences the opinions of my daughters.

Click here to see all the great photos from the event.

and the whrrl slideshow

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