My Daughters are Poets (and now everyone knows it)

I don’t usually publicly brag about my daughters but I am making an exception for this.  Thursday, April 29th was Poem in Your Pocket Day in NYC.  All the children in my daughters’ school carried poems in their pockets and read them aloud to each other, to teachers, to administrators and to whomever would listen.  They had a great time and the school was filled with kids sharing poetry all day long – some silly, some strange and some short and sweet.

But, the best part for me as a mom was when my two seven year-old girls came home with their freshly written poems – each unique and incredibly poetic in my own humble Jewish mom opinion.

Here they are:


By Isabel

Shining and shimmering like pieces of gold in the sky

Casting rainbow streaks on houses everywhere.

Making the clouds look like fluffy lanterns as they pass by

Lighting the atmosphere 3000 feet above and helping

The moon glimmer while everyone sleeps.

When the sun comes up the stars turn off their light and take a break

Till the next night comes.

And when the next night comes they do this




Morning Flower

By Sophia

Awake in the day

Asleep in the night.

Oh – Morning Flower





You can start kvelling now!

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  1. All pockets should have such magic tumbling from them! Morning Flower and sister Star, you made my day.

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