First Sign of Spring – Vomit!

The trees are budding, the robins are returning and the hats and gloves have come off.  But, that is not how I know it’s spring.  How do I know the weather has turned for the better?  I spent all day Sunday throwing up!  When I picked up my daughters from school two days ago a little girl was heaving up her lunch on the sidewalk.  Three of my friends’ kids have now spent their requisite 24 hours unable to keep anything down.  Ah yes, spring has sprung.

After spending an entire fall and winter in a flurry of Swine flu vaccinations and hand sanitizer pumping I forgot about the dreaded stomach bug that wafts into New York City on the first stirring of warm air.  Why?  I’m sure there is some scientific reason for the change over from respiratory to gastrointestinal viruses but I don’t think it matters.  All I know is that now that I’ve been a parent for almost 8 years this spring stomach bug is a more clear indicator of the change in seasons than the groundhog.

So, I’ll be enjoying the daffodils as they start to peek out from under the slushy dirt and walking back and forth to school in the warm sunshine.  But, make no mistake the “throw-up” bowl is coming out from underneath the sink cabinet where it’s been stored all winter.  And I’ll probably shove a few paper towels in my purse just in case.  After all, I can never remember from one year to the next if Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow, but I will never forget that time my daughter threw up Oreos and blueberries at 3 am.   It was the unfortunate end to a glorious spring day.

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