Snow Day Means Show Day!

I’m not a fan of the snow day.  I’d rather trudge my kids to school (or better yet have my husband do it!) and let someone else occupy their day.  But, a snow day on a Wednesday in NYC means a chance to catch a Wednesday matinee on Broadway during one of the slowest theater going days of the year.  We scored $40 tickets to Billy Elliot, a musical I’m not completely sure my daughters will understand but that will surely entertain them for 2 plus hours.    And considering we got 3 tickets for the usual price of 1 I don’t really care if they don’t completely follow the story or even if they get bored between musical numbers.

Am I depriving my daughters of enjoying all of this once in a season snow extravaganza?  What about sledding in glorious Riverside Park you ask?

Well, that will probably be tomorrow’s after school activity.  (Please let there be school tomorrow!)

But today, while the snow is swirling and wind is howling, spending the afternoon in a warm music filled theater seems like the perfect way for a cold weather hating mom to spend a New York City snow day.

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