Do Women Work at Apple?

Yes it’s here – the Apple Tablet, the islate, the ipad?  Really?  I am not going to dissect the ins and outs of the ipad there are tons of techies doing it here and here.  But I cannot believe that no one in the entire Apple Campus realized the huge amount of period jokes that women would immediately jump to upon hearing the name.  My husband even overheard two women on the subway today expressing their disbelief that they would name it the ipad.  If ever there was a sign that there are not enough women on the tech side of technology this has got to be it.  My favorite tweet of the day was from a mom blogger who asked if the $850 version would be called the maxipad.  And then the Huffington Post uncovered this video.

It’s a good thing the ipad is pretty because she’s certainly being mercilessly teased on the virtual playground.  I only wish she had had a girlfriend to protect her (and rename her) before they sent her out into the world.

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