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9:00 am

Right now I’m sitting in the freezing cold audience of the Martha Stewart Show.  With about a half an hour to go all the mom bloggers are settling in and taking pictures.  The set is gorgeous.  A dream kitchen of course, in all Martha hues, a fabulous craft room and an actual test kitchen that’s buzzing with chefs at work.  The staff is as professional, organized and nice as you would expect.  I have to admit I’m one of those Martha geeks.  It does not bother me that she puts up some perfectionist ideal of crafting or cooking.  I admire her the way I admire an Olympian or a principal dancer at ABT – someone at the peak of her profession who epitomizes the best of what she’s espousing.  Without Martha where would this entire industry of crafting, cooking and homemaking (not to mention multimedia penetration) be?  And for that matter where would the whole concept of a woman run media company be?  There may not be enough women also at the top of their company or with the media power that Oprah, Martha and Rachel Ray have – but Martha was pivotal is showing the world that women have the real consumer power and without that us mom bloggers wouldn’t exist either.


Still waiting for Martha to come out.  Shivering by the second.  Just noticed the awesome plant/garden area of the set.  They asked us on the audience questionnaire whether or not we had a question for Martha that she could help us with and I should’ve said plants!  We’ve killed every plant we’ve ever owned.  Now the warm up guy is up and trying to get us psyched up for the show.  He’s hyper plus a million.   Now we’re getting ready for the show to begin and learning how to applaud and help get Martha to commercial break.  I could use a little heat (or at least some hot water!)


The cameras are rolling out and over everyone.  Now we’re getting the reminder about  Are we ready to meet Martha Stewart?  Hell YES!  Bring her out!



Martha has some serious shoes!  She looks great – of course she blogs every day.  Even in blogging Martha outdoes us all!

Alexis puts in a plea to give away free laptops to the mom bloggers.  Are you listening Apple?  Andrew the Martha blogger – works at Anthropologie yet blogs about all things Martha.  Hmmm, somehow he’s figured out how to combine two of my favorite things and make a career out of it.  Take a lesson from him.

OK, there’s a plug for Alexis Stewart’s blog with her friend Jenny.  They are talking about blogging when the feeling strikes and not everyday.  I like this Alexis Stewart.  She is right.  How can you possibly blog everyday and have a life?  Good question.  Now Andrew is convincing that he’s Martha’s number one fan and not a stalker.  Martha knows how to work him and make sure that the blogger who is covering her every move is charmed.  He looks pretty thrilled, and a touch terrified.

Now the blogger Jeff who is cooking his way through Martha’s cookbook is talking about how he ripped off Julie and Julia.   That’s sort of a weird admission I think.


Pim is up discussing her food book about foodies and food lovers, her travels and her food blogging.  This is her full time job.  They are making Pad Thai.  I’ve never made Pad Thai because I live in Manhattan where I can order pretty fabulous Pad Thai and have it delivered in about 15 minutes.  Have to say it’s not very easy to see what they’re doing with all of the cameras in the way so I”m watching on the monitors.  Shrimp is cooking, sauce is swirling, tofu is going in, lots of oil and the Thai rice noodles go in.  Now we’re smelling it.  Not a great thing since I skipped breakfast.  Now I’m hungrier than ever.  It smells so fabulous.  Nutty, garlicky, soy saucy and you can actually smell the warmth of the dish.

They wrap the Pad Thai in an egg omelet to go.  Now that is cool.  But Martha did not get it perfect.  Yes she is human.  I love how she genuinely loves food.  And they announce that we are all getting copies of Pim’s book, The Foodie Handbook.


Martha is hanging with her daughter Alexis and Jennifer of the Whatever various incarnations.  I love their banter with Martha.  They give Martha such a hard time.  I’m not sure if it’s part of a shtick.  Seriously I can’t imagine talking to my mom like this on national TV, let alone if she were Martha Stewart.  It’s constant Alexis correcting Martha.  They’re almost more like an old married couple than mother/daughter.  Jennifer is discussing blogging with dealing with her mom’s death.  Jennifer is discussing how blogging works best when its truthful and a little messy – not perfect.  I totally agree.  I think the best blogs have a unique voice because they are a bit rough, maybe too honest and certainly with mistakes or TMI.  Jennifer is seriously funny.  I like her.  She’s also ballsy.  Sort of seems like Alexis Stewart’s whimsical, Jewishy, self-effacing foil.  You’ve got to hand it to Alexis for knowing that someone like Jennifer would complement her and make what she does more lively and 3 dimensional.  I am going to check out whatever radio and add their whatever blog to my list of weekly reads.

OK.  I have to really get my head around the weird vibe between Martha and Alexis.  I have to think it’s part of their thing and not totally real.  Or, Alexis serves as that person that can really tell Martha what is what without repercussions.  I hope that’s the case.


Jeff Blumenkrantz is on now discussing how he cooked his way through Martha’s book and blogged about it.  His favorite recipe is the Indian Spiced Yellow Pea Soup.  He is a musical theater composer for his day job.  So he is creative all around.  Now Martha is going to teach him how to ice a cake since that seems to be his weak spot.  I agree.  Frosting is not easy unless you have that turntable thingy.  I covet that turntable thingy.

It’s amazing to me how hard something as simple as frosting a cake can be so hard to do right.  Seriously.  The crumb layer is key.  Seal in those crumbs people.  Then comes the thick frosting layer.  Sides first – keep those spreaders vertical!  Then smooth off the top.  Jeff is a natural – funny, witty, self-deprecating and totally at ease with Martha.  I’m seeing a Food Network show in his future.  Martha’s best tip of the show – don’t take the first slice out of the cake, take the second – then it comes out perfect.  Martha always has the best tips.


Now I’m thinking about what I want to make for dinner tonight.  Of course now I want to make that orange cake with all that Italian buttercream frosting.  YUM.  Andrew the Martha blogger is on now.  He is also very calm with Martha considering that he is basically obsessed with all things Martha.  We’re crafting now.  Here’s the thing about Martha’s set – you know how most of the time you go to a TV set and it looks pretty dinky and disappointing, the smoke and mirrors are obvious, etc.  Well, Martha’s set you could happily live in.  Every part of it solid, real, beautifully decorated and substantial.  Andrew has declared himself a Martha archivist.  He saves and collects all things Martha.  She  seemed genuinely impressed by that.  It would freak me out, but maybe Martha runs into that sort of thing all the time.  Why are both bloggers featured on the show who have a sort of Martha obsession male bloggers? Andrew built a home office in his closet just like Martha did years ago.  That is a great idea for my tiny NYC apartment.  I wish Martha would do an entire book or issue dedicated to her city living fans who have no space!


A blogger who is trying to get a job with Martha is on and now she gave Martha an elephant that she made from reused materials.  And now she’s going to spend the day in the TV art department.  Let’s hope she gets an actual job out of it.  She’s very stylish and her crafts were great so let’s keep our fingers crossed for her.  Gotta love it when a blog wish comes true.


Wrap up!  Now she’s mentioning the cool stuff her assistant saw at CES and she’s talking about at her blog.  I hope she gave a shout out to my husband’s product the Entourage eDGe that he demoed for her on Tuesday!

She did!

Here’s the link

And the aftershow.  Martha takes questions, and most importantly tells us that her amazing shoes are YSL – and she got them on sale!  Does that mean Martha usually pays retail?  Hmmm.

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