Can a Television Be a Member of the Family?

For the last five years my husband and I have researched TVs. Our steadfast and true 27″ picture tube set sat like a big ol’ lazy uncle on it’s stand and delivered perfectly fine viewing as far as we were concerned.  But, we had the itch.  The flat screen bigger-than-your-kitchen-table TV itch.  One by one our friends and families turned in their old model TVs for sleek and ever bigger sets.  But we held out, year after year, watching prices fall and new models come out, and not quite ready to splurge on something out of pure decadence.  After all, our TV worked perfectly fine.

Then this month something happened.  My husband was home sick and intoxicated by the endless promises of Black Friday sales, of the incessant ads and reviews on the web of all the TVs that were passing us by.   For the first time ever he didn’t just browse Amazon and Best Buy and cnet reading the reviews and saying, “what if?” but instead he made an Excel spreadsheet with all of the options.  Now, I knew he was serious.  If my husband could make a spreadsheet for every moment of his life he would.  Once it’s on the spreadsheet it’s real, it’s tangible, it’s going to happen.

And so it did.  We bit the bullet and bought a 50″ Samsung TV.  My husband came home from work to be here when the delivery guys arrived.  They set it up, plugged everything in, and left.  A calm fell over the apartment.  And I hate to admit it, but we turned on the TV and just sat down to look at it in awe.  It changed our entire living room – we both looked at each other and realized that the TV was nicer than any other piece of furniture in the room.  The TV practically demands a room make over.  Did I feel bad for the sad blob of a TV that now sat on the floor awaiting removal by our Super?  No.  It had been replaced by a much younger, thinner and sexier model, and quite frankly it was time.

All these years my fear of getting a TV like this was that it sort of announced to the world in all caps: “WE WATCH TV.”  You know what? We do.  I actually love TV.  My kids watch almost no TV, but even they walked in to the apartment after school in full giddiness and anticipation.  They couldn’t have been more excited if we had brought home a baby.  (Though still a distant second to a puppy)  And the Wii on this TV?  It makes me want to buy some adult games, or maybe even bust out the Wii Fit.  There is no doubt that our newest addition to the family has made us all ridiculously happy – and the fact that my husband and I spent a night watching both My Fair Lady and Star Wars with equal absorption on both our parts is pretty telling about the power of this TV to suck us in.  Eventually I’m sure the TV will seem ho hum and part of our everyday life but for now it’s incredibly fun to have something new and shiny that we all enjoy.  I imagine it’s how many people feel about a new car – but being a Manhattanite I could care less about ever owning a car in this city.  However, if I could just convince my husband to start a spreadsheet on dining room tables…

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