Why Politicians Should Watch Soap Operas

Here’s a tip for all of those politicians who think they will take their secrets with them to the grave – watch some good old fashioned daytime TV.  Why?  Because one thing you learn when you follow the love lives and travails of the fictional characters on All My Children or General Hospital is that the truth always comes out.  That’s why viewers tune in every day, to see the ramifications of what happens when the gory details are revealed and everyone is shocked – SHOCKED – to learn what they suspected all along.  Perhaps if John Edwards followed the escapades of Erica Kane or even set his DVR to Desperate Housewives once in a while he’d have realized that having an adulterous affair while running for office would not remain a secret forever.  And had he been a student of the Soaps perhaps it would’ve occurred to him that any love child conceived during this affair would also be brought to light in due time.  He’s lucky the child didn’t show up in 15 years (or 5 years in Soap time) with some kooky revenge scheme that involved hoodwinking then kidnapping his legitimate children.

Of course even if John Edwards couldn’t bring himself to watch daytime TV or trashy primetime fare he has only to look at the greatest, sleaziest dramas of our time – those of fellow politicians.  Watergate, Iran-Contra, Monica.  The best soap operas of all unfold not on network television but on the political pages of national newspapers.  Factor in the National Enquirer and the Internet and one has to wonder if the John Edwards and Mark Sanfords of the world are living in some strange media free bubble where “under the radar” still exists.

Maybe its time for politicians to stop surrounding themselves with assistants and advisors who hush up and facilitate their clandestine behavior and start tuning in to Gossip Girl.  There are some valuable life lessons to learn from the generation willingly putting themselves under a self-constructed media microscope – someone is always watching and eventually the truth will set itself free.  XOXO.

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