blogburst syndication

I have just been invited to join this national syndication service.  I’m excited, but also cautious.  What does it mean to give up your content in return for exposure and inclusion in some very high profile media outlets like USA Today?  Unlike other services blogburst does have a compensation structure, but we all know that on-line compensation is notoriously low.  So, while I’m looking forward to seeing which posts get picked up and where they travel in the blogosphere I’ve also got my fingers crossed that my work won’t be mishandled, horribly edited or worse, plagiarized.  I currently contribute to nycmomsblog through which McClatchy/Tribune has nationally syndicated me and that has been a pretty positive experience (though not a financially rewarding one!)  So, I’ll take this leap of faith and hope that it’s true that all press is good press, or at least enjoy seeing a byline or two in the Washington Post if things go well.

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