Day 4 Tuscania and Lake Bolsena again! (Why can’t we make a damn cell phone call?)

We spent the better part of our morning sorting out the mystery of the cell phone.    Before we left Corey unlocked his iphone at a place in midtown.  Now that it was ready for an Italian SIM card we thought we were good to go, but we still couldn’t make a call.  And, since all of the prompts were in Italian, we couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Finally, the saleslady at the cell phone store in Tuscania figured out that our SIM card needed to be refilled with more Euros so Corey got a new one with lots of Euros and finally the cell phone juggle was solved.

After all of that fun we headed up the main drag to the tiny little fresh pasta store to select some pastas to cook for dinner.  They were all beautiful and filled with all sorts of fresh stuffing- fish, meat, different cheeses, porcini mushrooms, spinach, etc.  Each girl chose their own; Sophia got mezzaluna with meat, Isabel got potato gnocchi that looked like little gumdrops, and us adults got ravioli with a fish and ricotta filling.   Then we headed to the pasticceria to get cookies.  And finally to the fromaggeria to get cheese.  Basically life here revolves completely around food which is perfectly fine with me.  We headed to lunch at a local place in a small piazza and then realized that the heat and sun were overwhelming.

So we packed up the car with our beach paraphernalia and headed back to Lake Bolsena for what we thought would be a relaxing end to the day.

I swear its about 15 degrees cooler at the lake.  The girls had a blast until a mix up led Sophia to get lost from us and give us the scare of our lives as we searched the beach for her and couldn’t see her anywhere.  Finally a woman who had been sitting near us pointed far down the beach and we spied Sophia, crying, walking with a little girl and a dad.  We don’t know how Sophia got past us to begin with but somehow she had wandered from the playground back to beach right when we were heading to the playground to catch up with her and Isabel.  That feeling of panic, of not knowing where your child had disappeared to, and then not speaking the language well enough to articulate it to strangers (una bambina?  Sette ani! Pleaded in a frightened voice) is beyond horrifying.  Luckily it all worked out.  And hopefully she now understands why we talk about not wandering off and keeping together.    I’m sick just writing about it now.

After that eventful end to our day we headed home to cook all of that wonderful pasta, have an early dinner and head to bed to prepare for our early morning departure to Venice!

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