Day Two – Tuscania and the day my husband was almost impaled

I thought nothing could be a better sign of great things ahead than my daughters sleeping 12 1/2 hours our first night here.  Still jet-lagged and starving we stumbled down to breakfast.  I put on a pot of hot water since tea is my caffeine source of choice, even here in the land of endless espresso.  Well, not being fancy Italian designers we didn’t realize that the sheet of glass covering the stove top was decorative.  To us it looked like all of those glass top halogen stoves that seem to populate the counter tops of every suburban house we’ve ever visited.

We should have known better.  As soon as my husband sat down at the table there was a huge explosion and glass literally flew everywhere.   The girls jumped out of their seats and away from the stove.  My husband leapt out of the way and I dodge the hot glass that fell on my bare feet and immediately turned off the flame.  The kitchen was covered in hot shards of glass both small and large and we were horror stricken that we had broken something our first day here, and that now had an entire kitchen full of glass to clean up.  It took us about an hour to fully clean the floor, counters, stove, table and assorted corners and crevices.  But the scariest thing of all was the metal strip which had jagged edged of glass jutting out of its center that we found lying about 3 inches behind where my husband had been sitting.  If he had been sitting or standing just a few inches back it would’ve gone right into him.

Somehow we got ourselves together and after that excitement we headed out for a well deserved serious Italian lunch.  We ended up at a different restaurant than we had planned, but it was one of those great happy mistakes.  Il Torre di Lavello right near a huge park had a huge menu, most of it not fully comprehensible to us so we jsut pointed and ordered.  I love it when I’m surprised and the surprise turns out to be incredibly good.  This was one of those times, and even the girls who have become annoyingly predictable eaters wolfed down a huge plate of homemade tagliatelle with beans, cream and pecorino cheese.  It more than made up for our Special K dinner and glass infused breakfast.

We ended up in the playground after lunch and then of course, more gelato.  This time in the park.  As we wound our way back home we discovered new alley ways and twisty streets meandering through the town and started to feel like we knew where we going.

walking in Tuscania


Unfortunately for us our daughters plan did not include going to bed.  That 12 1/2 hour sleep messed them up big time and the jet lag kicked in, helped by the super dark chocolate gelato I’m sure.  It was a long night to say the least, but there’s always tomorrow…

Gelato Scoops of the day

Isabel: chocolate fondant, creme caramel

Sophia: chocolate fondant, nocciola

Me: Chocolate fondant, caffe

Cor: Stracciatella and chocolate

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