Day One – Arrive Rome, Drive to Tuscania!

We had a really good flight all things considered. It was the first time my daughters flew on an overnight flight and I have to say I’m a fan of that 10pm flight. Its late enough that they conked out, and long enough that they got about 7 hours of sleep. (thanks to some preflight Zyrtec too) Our only small hitch was the inexplicably long line at immigration. INSANE, disorganized and all around ridiculously inefficient. The trains may run on time, but the airport has a long way to go.
This immigration line experience made me even more thankful that we took the advice of our generous hosts and leased a Renault through If you’re going to be in Italy for a three weeks or more this is the way to go. You “lease” a car through this French government program and they deliver it to you at the airport. No rental car chaos, no fighting the mobs at the rental desk, no bait and switch when you try and pick up your reserved car – instead you get a brand new car, they pick you up right outside of customs, and you drive off with full insurance, road side assistance and unlimited mileage. In the end you return the car and sign some papers saying you do not want to buy the car after all.
The girls loved the CLIO, though our giant bags barely made it in!
We took off for Tuscania, our home base for the month.  We arrived in this beautiful Etruscan town at around 5pm, got a quick tour of the town and then finally arrived at the villa, which belongs to our brother in-law’s parents, and really the piece of this trip that made it all possible.  It’s a lovely home, based around a garden courtyard with gorgeous views of the old city and the surrounding hills.  Isabel immediately declared that she will live in Italy when she grows up.  Who could blame her.  Here is what we saw when we entered the gate:

italy_garden2villa_garden1and then we reached our bedrooms and took in the views from there

viewfrombedroom1viewfrombedroom2After unpacking and settling in, we immediately headed out for grocery shopping and the most important task of the day – gelato.  I hate to admit it, but by the time we got home we were so tired that our first dinner in Italy consisted of…a bowl of Special K.  Followed by 12 1/2 hours of sleep.  Much better food to come.

Our Gelato Scoops of the Day:

At Follinari’s

Isabel: pesche and ananas

Sophia: pannacotta

two big happy smiles

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