The Never-Ending Birthday

birthday cupcakesWhen did my daughters’ birthday become a weeklong celebration?  I always felt that the one break parents of twins get is that the birthday can be a joint affair.  Especially when you have same sex twins, or in my case identical twins which makes it even easier.  But somehow this birthday thing has morphed into an endless week of kid, school and family parties.

When my daughters turned one we had a big family party here in our apartment.  When they turned two we did the same thing.  They didn’t have any “friends” to speak of so it was easy.  But, then they started preschool and the birthday parties began in earnest.  Cupcakes at school – of course.  And that year we did a party at the playground with all of their new playmates.  But, we had to have a family party too because there are so many of us, my parents being divorced and remarried makes our group fairly large, plus my in-laws and extended family.  Well, we kept on having all three parties so that everyone had their own celebration time.  And that’s how it’s remained right up to now – their seventh birthday.

I’m usually pretty old school about the birthday party thing.  I like it to be homemade and reflect my daughters’ personalities, which usually means an insane amount of preparation and schlepping, and clean up.  This year we drastically cut the guest list at our kids party and had a “grown up” party as my daughters called it so we booked a kids jazz brunch at Jazz Standard.  It’s the first year I’ve done a party where all I had to do was show up and pay the bill at the end.  I even had a glass of wine.  But, of course that was only one party down.  Like the Obamas on Inauguration night our festivities had just begun.

With both girls in separate classes that means 52 cupcakes at school on the actual birthday day.  I’ve been baking since yesterday, a thing I usually love but this year everything went wrong.  In the end the cupcakes came out fine, certainly good enough for a bunch of 6 and 7 years olds, but now comes twin birthday shuffle – first one class then twenty minutes later the other.  We’re hitting the Carousel and Shake Shack after school with some friends.  But wait – there’s more.

On Saturday comes the family party, thankfully hosted at my dad’s place not mine.  Our entire family, even the ones who live in LA are gathering in Brooklyn to be at the party.  The capper to this week of out and out big time reminders that I am the mom is that Sunday is Mother’s Day.   Seven years ago today I became a mother of twins.  After 37 long weeks of pregnancy, of fetal monitoring, of fear of twin-twin transfusion syndrome, of worry about premature birth and tours of NICUs, I calmly entered the hospital and gave birth to the two little girls who are growing up faster than I ever imagined.

All week I’ve been wondering, when can I stop making cupcakes for school?  When will they be too old for all of these separate parties with balloons and goody bags?  But in writing this I’m realizing that it will probably be soon, too soon.  Before I know it they’ll be too cool for any of this and not even want us to come near their school, forget about jumping up and down with excitement when we enter the classroom.  So I’ll take my giant Tupperware cupcake carriers over to school today and try to remember that the extra effort is worth it.  That making my kids feel special is part of the job.  And, come Mother’s Day I’ll know I’ve earned it that’s for sure.

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  1. This is what the girls will always remember. You are creating priceless memories. (And the grandparents love it)!

  2. So true! Birthdays in our house seem to last a week too between the “actual” birthday, school and bday parties. My youngest daughter refers to it as her actual birthday (the day of) and her pretend birthday days. And then she always wants to know when her 1/2 birthday is and if she can have a party for the 1/2 year too.

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